This is mostly announcements and other little tips and tricks that haven't gotten a project page or similar.
  1. My unofficial 36c3 badge

    My unofficial 36c3 badge

    Similar to last year, I have decided to make an unofficial badge for the 36th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig. …

  2. Joining The Things Network in Copenhagen

    Joining The Things Network in Copenhagen

    I have now joined The Things Network community here in Copenhagen with my own gateway and is now helping cover a little bit of the greater Copenhagen area with wireless network connection for small IoT devices based on the LoRaWAN technology. …

  3. Bringing #badgelife to 35c3

    Bringing #badgelife to 35c3

    This year has for me been a lot of #badgelife and it has been a lot of fun designing these badges and see what people do with them and how they build on top of the foundation that I have put in. …

  4. Making an indie badge for DEFCON 26

    Making an indie badge for DEFCON 26

    For many years, I have admired the official electronic badges of DEFCON, especially the ones, that push the boundaries and use the PCB production techniques to make little art pieces that people put around their necks and hack on during and after the conference. …