Bringing #badgelife to 35c3

This year has for me been a lot of #badgelife and it has been a lot of fun designing these badges and see what people do with them and how they build on top of the foundation that I have put in.

35c3 badge

The last one for this year is for 35c3 and Labitats participation there. We are a whole group of people going and we will have an assembly there, so if you are going, feel free to stop by and say hi and have a chat about badges and electronics and all those sort of things.

I have made a little project page for the 35c3 badge and there is also an assembly instruction for the kit, since this time, I didn’t want to solder all the parts on myself.

If you want to make your own or want to have a look at the details of the PCB design, please have a look at the 35c3 badge repository at Github.

See you at congress!